6 – The Beautiful Doors

There were two doors to the Tabernacle: an outer and an inner.  The outer door was made of blue, purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen yarn, and like the colored curtains, was the work of the weaver.

     In the description of the cherubim curtains finest white linen yarn is first mentioned, and then the bright colors follow.  This likely could mean that the ground-work was of fine white linen.  In hanging the door curtains, however, blue is the first color named.  This may be very significant as these hangings were the doors of the dwelling and to the Holy of Holies.  

     With these beautiful colored threads, beautiful devices were interwoven into the groundwork.  They probably consisted of palm trees and flowers such as adorned the corresponding door hanging of the Temple, of which the Tabernacle was the prototype.  I Kings 6:35 – And he carved thereon cherubims and palm trees and open flowers: and covered them with gold fitted upon the carved work.

     The beautiful hanging door was suspended from the five golden pillars standing before the entrance of the tabernacle.  

     The inner door was called the veil and was beautiful like the outer door, with the addition of cherubim figures as its chief characteristic.  This beautiful curtain was suspended from the four golden pillars standing before the entrance into the Holy of Holies.  The veil curtain shielded any view into the most sacred place of God’s presence.


     The cherubim curtains were very superior and pre-eminent by the fact that they constituted the tabernacle, or dwelling place of God.  The golden boards were just described as only the boards for the tabernacle.  The inside curtain was the thing that would be enveloped in God’s presence.  

     If you could visit the Tabernacle in imagination, this is how it would look.  One way, the east one is not enriched with cherubim, but all the rest are.  They would shine with all the beautiful colors and bright shining cherubim.  Besides the ones looking at you from all over the walls, there are two of solid gold on the mercy seat, on which by a visible symbol God was seated, and shone forth from between the cherubim.  This place would definitely be called the cherubim chamber.  It was God’s plan to have the finest house for Him to dwell in.  In here the angels were worshipping him just like in Heaven, as they were all over the walls and ceiling.


  1. To the believer. God dwells in our hearts just as He dwelt within the cherubim curtains in the Tabernacle.  As the Tabernacle was more beautiful within than without, so are God’s children because His Holy Spirit dwells within us and changes us from within.

  2. To the church.  All the believers are one in Christ.  The curtains were made separately, but were sewn together to form two great curtains.  So we as God’s children are bound together as one  under the Father.

  3. To Christ is the believer bound.  He dwells in our tabernacles and our beauty is shown by the fruit that we bear as we are branches who live in the vine.

  4. To heaven.  The tabernacle signified a type of heaven for the Israelites.  Heaven is the most glorious manifestation of God’s presence.  What a glorious thing of beauty is waiting for us as Christians.

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